Not just a print

Bruce Wayne's not just Bruce, Dwayne Johnson's not just Dwayne, Darth Vaders not just ... OK, you get the point

All screen prints are hand pulled by the artist, Adam Hemuss, meaning each one is unique, has it's own quirks, blobs, fades, splatters and hand finishing. Some are hand embellished creating even more uniqueness.


So what you are buying is a one off, unique, not to be repeated, even if it is repeated, super special piece of art




So you like the print but what's it going to look like stuck on your wall? Well have a butchers at other people's style by clicking the handy W link below

4) Girls and Boys 100x70cm_edited_edited

got walls?... need hemussArt

We know buying art on the world wide web can be tricky so if for any reason you truly do not love your print when it arrives please email us. Our mission is for you to wake up every morning, say I'm so happy I bought that print then skip out of the door knowing that your walls are loved

Coats - Adam Hemuss - Screenprint ed of


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